Welfare and Charity

One of the key directions that consolidated our reputation in the eyes of the public and business community as socially responsible and efficient company was charity projects. Our branches and subsidiaries participated in welfare and charity. During the reported period our plans were focused on:

Renaissance of spiritual and historical centers

Supported by IDGC of Urals Ekaterinburg Eparchy and Revival of the Urals Orthodox Sanctuaries Fund implement a long-term renovation program for Sverdlovsk orthodox temples. In the Perm region we continued our close cooperation with Belaya Gora Charity Fund facilitating renovation of Krestovozdvizhensk Cathedral being a part of Belogorsk friary. Also we co-financed the restoration of a federal monument (Episcopal metochion of Mitrophan Voronezhsky Krest Temple).

Support of education, culture and art

The Urals Pearl Charity Fund and we supported Perm Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Besides, we co-financed a monument to A.S. Popov, Russian radio inventor (Perm). With our support energy faculty of Perm State Technical University encouraged its prominent students.

Support of unprotected population stratum

We have long-term programs aimed at supporting less protected population stratums – pensioners, invalids and large families. The Company traditionally finances Victory Day events all over its service area. In 2010 Sverdlovenergo and Permenergo supported regional veteran organizations during the celebrations devoted to the 65th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War.

Child care

During the reported period the Company supported preschools, educational and social centers for children (residential schools in Berezovsky, Bulanash, orphan home in Nizhnyaya Tura, etc.). In the Perm region we support Sodeistvie Charity Fund that promotes social projects aimed at creation of conditions for youth job placement, additional education, healthy life-style promotion.

Corporate volunteering

Development of corporate volunteering among our personnel occupies a special place in our charity practices. During the reported period we arranged several social projects: “IDGC of Urals is a territory for the good” (children clothing, hygiene products and toys collected for orphan homes), “Donating blood you save someone’s life” (donor event among the personnel), “The brightest New Year’s Tree” (charity event for the Sverdlovsk cancer infant center, orphan homes and residential schools).

IDGC of Urals, OAO received a thank-you letter signed by the Governor and Government of the Sverdlovsk region for social and charity activity during 2010.