Audit Commission

Financial operations of IDGC of Urals, OAO are controlled by the Audit Commission, according to item 24.1 of the Charter. The membership is 5 (Five) persons.

During the reported period the membership of the Audit Commission, elected by the AGSM on June 25, 2010, was as follows:

  1. Lyudmila Dmitrievna KORMUSHKINA
    Head of Audit Section at Internal Audit Department at IDGC Holding, OAO
  2. Izumrud Aligadzhievna ALIMURADOVA
    Head of Internal Audit Department at IDGC Holding, OAO
  3. Irina Aleksandrovna PHILIPPOVA
    Leading expert of Audit Section at Internal Audit Department at IDGC Holding, OAO
  4. Tatyana Aleksandrovna SELIVERSTOVA
    Head of Equity Section at Corporate Governance and Shareholder Relations Department at IDGC Holding, OAO
  5. Vladimir Nikolayevich ARKHIPOV
    First Deputy Head of Security Department at IDGC Holding, OAO

The Audit Commission covers the following spheres:

  • Audit of financial and operating documentation, including initial accounting documents (if required);
  • Audit of the legality of resolutions and performance of the executive bodies, including concluded contracts and completed transactions;
  • Audit of the compliance of transactions’ conditions with the conditions of transactions made under the comparable circumstances;
  • Analysis of the compliance of the accounting policy with the current regulatory documents;
  • Analysis of the financial status and detection of reserves for improving economic situation;
  • Analysis of timeliness and correctness of payments to contractors, various budgets, shareholders and other creditors;
  • Analysis of payments of debtors, including timeliness and adequacy of measures taken by the executive bodies;
  • Other activities under the AC competence.

AC remuneration and payment procedure are determined by the Regulations on Remunerations and Compensations paid to the AC members, approved by the Company’s GSM.

*All AC positions are as of the election date.