General Director

Operating control is administered by the sole executive body – the General Director. His competence includes all current operating issues, except for issues referred to the competence of the GSM, Board of Directors and Management Board.

Valery Nikolayevich RODIN, the General Director, entered the office on March 30, 2009 on the basis of the BoD resolution (Protocol #52 dd. 27.03.2009). His powers were prolonged and he was reappointed by the BoD resolution adopted on 29.03.2010 (Protocol #66 dd. 29.03.2010).

The CEO’s remuneration, according to item 18.6. of the Charter, is determined by the contract concluded between him and the Company. The conditions of the labor contract are approved by the BoD. The CEO’s share in the Charter capital totals 0.0081%. There were no transactions on acquisition or alienation of shares during the reported period.