Operating and technological risks

Our operations are related to exploitation risks and risks of technological character which are expressed by violations in normal operation mode, incidents, supply disruption, above-level load increase. Main factors for such risks are high depreciation level, impact made by natural disasters and third persons and companies. Erroneous or wrong operations of Company’s or outsourced personnel, violations in dispatcher modes are also sources of the risks. To minimize the risks the Company focuses on network renovation, elaboration and implementation of target programs of energy supply reliability increase. We also permanently monitor and diagnose equipment as well as review and analyze incidents. Our personnel undergo training and attestation. At present we implement automated management system of technical exploitation and repairs enabling optimization of exploitation, repair and maintenance processes.

Operating risks also include HR-related risks. Insufficient training of personnel as well as low educational level of college and university graduates, discrepancy of personnel qualifications to new technologies, high staff turnover (especially technical staff) are main factors of such risks. Main risk-minimization measures are aimed at the monitoring of labor market to show employer’s attractiveness, close cooperation with colleges and universities on the training of students. The personnel is regularly trained and attested. To increase motivation of personnel during the reported period we elaborated and implemented local regulatory documents stipulating social privileges and guarantees on the service area (Collective agreement and the Regulations on remunerations).

Risks, related to purchasing and logistics, may be caused by planning mistakes, specificity of purchased produce, tight delivery and work schedule, ill-prepared purchase documentation and expertise of participants’ offer. The Company controls the preparation of purchase program, and audits timeliness and grounds for purchasing. The market is being monitored with a view to better demand planning.

Operating risks, related to information technologies used by the Company, may be caused by disruptions in server and network operations, information systems and data transmission channels. To minimize the risks we focus on planned preventive repairs, creation of reserved channels, update of computer power, network and technological equipment.