Connection revenues analysis


In 2010 revenues totaled RUR 549.5 mln. (no VAT), revenues decreased by -19.7% on 2009 (RUR 684.4 mln., no VAT), in comparison to 2008 revenues increased by +7.2% (RUR 512.3 mln., no VAT). Decrease of revenues is due to putting-off of commissioning a large-size individual project for 2011.


During the reported period connection revenues totaled RUR 823.359 mln., no VAT. Revenues increased by 1 216% on 2009 (RUR 62.52 mln., no VAT), +851% on 2008 (RUR 86.5 mln. no VAT). This outstanding growth was due to connection of the following large consumers: Terra Group, ОАО (RUR 55 901.93 thous., no VAT), Uralski Pig Complex, ZАО (RUR 72 017.5 thous., no VAT and RUR 12 129.9 thous., no VAT), Sukholozhsktsement, ОАО (RUR 600 mln., no VAT), Rosenergoatom Beloyarskaya AES. OAO (RUR 3 394.11 thous., no VAT), Pervouralsk Novotrubnyi Zavod, ОАО (RUR 12 893.745 thous., no VAT), Uralgidromed, ОАО (RUR 5 664.442 thous., no VAT).


In 2010 revenues totaled RUR 312.9 mln., no VAT. Revenues increased by 37.7% on 2009 (RUR 227.21 mln., no VAT), revenues decreased by 1.9% on 2008 (RUR 319.15 mln., no VAT). The increase was due to the fact that in 2010 we executed several contracts (commissioning of objects stipulated by the contracts was put off for 2010).