Enhancing energy efficiency and providing innovation development

Within the framework of federal program “Count, Save and Pay”, elaborated by the President commission for modernization and technological development of the Russian economy, we commenced to implement a pilot project on intellectual metering installation. One of the key aims is to work out measures for stimulating energy efficient consumption. The pilot project will generate united technical requirements to intellectual metering devices as well as determine efficiency and payback period for projects, similar to Smart Metering projects. The project will also provide an opportunity to update business processes related to commercial metering in gridcos and retail suppliers. Financing of the Smart Metering project is rolled into the Permenergo investment program (2011 – RUR 197 mln., 2012 – RUR 163 mln.)

In January 2010 Sverdlovenergo launched an energy-saving laboratory. It is aimed at elaboration and implementation of new energy-saving technologies. In May, 2010 Russian-German Energy Agency and IDGC of Urals signed a range of cooperation contracts. According to the contracts, foreign specialists will thoroughly examine our production units in terms of energy saving efficiency. The audit will end in a range of explicit arrangement and investment proposals aimed at energy efficiency boost. In 2011 we plan to work out and implement a program on innovation development covering scientific and R&D works as well as implementation of ready-to-use innovative products. The results of the program will be elaboration and preparation for subsequent mass usage of new equipment as well as cutting-edge and most efficient technologies.