Developing grids

In our service area there are several agreements, concluded between RAO UES and local administrations, on the construction and update of electric network capacities till 2011 - the Sverdlovsk region: agreement #38 dd. 14.12.06, updated on 20.06.2008; the Chelyabinsk region: agreement #45 dd. 25.12.2006; the Perm region: agreement #30 dd. 21.09.2007. During the reported period, according to the agreements, we have completed the following:

The Perm region

Construction of 110 kV cable line “TES-13-Dolina”
Accomplishments: Design and survey work. Spent: RUR 8 800 thous. Aim: capacity increase due to the construction of perinatal and cardio-centers as well as substation “Bereg” and 110 kV line “Soboli-Danilikha-TES-13”.

Construction of 110/35/6 kV substation “Plekhanova”
Accomplishments: the purchase of high-voltage equipment (transformers, 110 kV switches), arrangement of pile field and foundation frame. Spent: RUR 163 214 thous. Aim: provision of consumer’s capacity demand (Perm, microdistict Danilikha), load redistribution from loaded substations “Yuzhnaya” and “Zapadnaya”.

Construction of 110/6 kV substation “Sviyazeva” and 110 kV aerial line
Spent: RUR 178 thous. (land lease). The contracts are currently cancelled; there is no construction on the site.

The Sverdlovsk region

Reconstruction of 35 kV cable line “Severka-Khrustalnaya”
Accomplishments: reconstruction of existing 35 kV aerial line, mast and wire replacement. Commissioned: 7.26 km. Aim: Improvement of supply reliability in Severka and traction substation servicing the Sverdlovsk railroad and Severka ballast quarry.

Construction of 110 kV substation “Belogorye” and 110 kV aerial line
Commissioned: 20 MVA and 27.9 km. Spent: RUR 200 614 thous. Aim: Improvement of supply reliability and provision of possibilities for connection of “Gora Belaya” ski resort, industrial and agricultural consumers, boiler-houses in Uralets, Visim and Ust-Utka.

Objects: 110 kV aerial line “Yuzhnaya - Polevskaya”, overhangs to substation “Gvozdika” (Polevskoi), 110 kV aerial line “Serov – Serovskaya GRES”, 110 kV aerial line “Serovskaya GRES - Ferrosplav” (Serov) Accomplishments: design and estimate documentation prepared, object reconstruction in progress.

The Chelyabinsk region

Reconstruction of 110 kV aerial line “Shagol-Sosnovskaya-Isakovo”
Accomplishments: creplacement of wire and overhead protection cable. Reconstructed: 14 km.
Aim: enhancement of aerial line capacity totaling 31 MW.

Reconstruction of 110/6 kV substation “Zarechnaya”
Accomplishments: replacement of a 10 MVA transformer with a 16 MVA one.
Aim: provision of possibilities for connection of new consumers (Chelyabinsk).

Construction of 110 kV substation “Khamadullin” (Kazachya).
Accomplishments: project update, construction-assembly work are planned for 2011-2012.

Construction of 110/10 kV substation “Granitnaya”, overhangs of 110 kV aerial line.
Commissioned: 80 MVA and 0.5 km of a 110 kV aerial line.
Aim: provision of alternative supply to consumers and connection of new consumers (Chelyabinsk).

Capex on objects stipulated by the agreements and included in 2010 investment program:

  2010 Target, RUR mln. 2010 Actual, RUR mln. Accomplished, %
Permenergo 191.5 172.2 90
Sverdlovenergo 154.2 206.3 134
Chelyabenergo 291.5 298.6 102
IDGC of Urals 637.2 677.1 106

Object completion:

  Commissioned objects in 2010 Commissioned, km Commissioned, MVA
  target actual target actual target actual
Permenergo 3 0 31 0 75 0
Sverdlovenergo 2 2 19 35 42 20
Chelyabenergo 4 4 8 22 160 99
IDGC of Urals 9 6 58 57 277 119

At present the Russian Ministry of Energy and local administrations approve our long-term RAB-based investment program for 2011-2016. According to the program, to construct and update 5 949 MVA and 15 204 km of various voltage classes during 2011-2016 we plan to spend RUR 80 676 mln., including RUR 53 487 mln. or 66% (technical update and reconstruction), RUR 16 699 mln. (new construction), RUR 6 922 mln. (discharge of liabilities according to connection contracts) and RUR 3 496 mln. (acquisition of grids).