Our priorities

IDGC of Urals, being one of the largest energy companies in the Urals region, arranges the functioning of the grid complex in the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Perm regions. According to the aims of energy sector reform our goals are:

  • Implementation of national policy on electric grid services, including energy saving and efficiency;
  • Creation of conditions for efficient operations of local grid complex;
  • Efficient exploitation and centralized grid management;
  • Implementation of united strategy in the sphere of investments and fund raising for reaching general goals of grid development;
  • Elaboration and implementation of scientific and technical policy as well as implementation of new cutting-edge equipment and technologies;
  • Trouble-free and reliable energy supply all over the service area and profit-making.

Therefore, our grid complex evolves in the following spheres:

  1. Connection of new consumers
    Aim: we facilitate the development of our local economy and transmission run-up.
  2. Construction of grid objects
    Aim: we liquidate power deficit zones (110-220 kV grid operating modes) and ensure reliable and trouble-free operations.
  3. Creation of united grid area
    Aim: we ensure reliable supply and enable efficient regional grid development.
  4. Development of the Company’s industrial complex
    Aim: we support federal programs, national projects, regional programs and development plans.

Consolidating networks

Creation of united grid area using our industrial base gives the following advantages:

  • Liquidation of unfair regional gridcos ensuring more transparency to a regional tariff model and reducing tariff burden for consumers.
  • Optimization of operations.
  • Reduction of operating expenses and tariffs of the Company.
  • Facilitation of isochronal preparation and approval of plans for developing energy system and public utilities.
  • Provision of a more detailed control over public load upsurge and timeliness of measures taken to reconfigure networks and to commission new capacities.

We implement our strategy of united energy area concluding rental contracts, acquiring grids and accepting into ownership, maintenance and exploitation no-man’s grids located on municipal territories. According to the strategy, in 2010 we significantly increased our local market share: we concluded 9 new rental contracts with municipal institutions and administrations. Generally, we concluded 33 rental contracts (over 36 964 c.u.) and took over 4 731.87 c.u. into possession in compliance with 22 contracts. In 2011 we plan to take over 6 000 c.u. into maintenance and exploitation.