Our key events

January ОАО "IDGC of Urals" received a letter of thanks from the Governor and Government of the Sverdlovsk region for social and charity activities in 2009
February IDGC of Urals, ОАО celebrated its 5th anniversary.
The Company demonstrated its energy saving laboratory at the exhibition dedicated to energy saving and efficiency.
March A new mimic diagram board was launched in our Sverdlovenergo branch (Kirovgrad).
Permenergo management and representatives from ZM discussed opportunities of new-age wire application.
April IDGC of Urals, ОАО presented its projects during energy-saving meeting.
Permenergo branch completed repair process on 4 large substations in Perm.
May IDGC of Urals, ОАО and Russian German Energy Agency signed cooperation agreements on energy-efficient technologies.
The Company participated in the conference “Russian grids: current status, problems and roadmaps”.
IDGC of Urals, ОАО created Operations Situation Room for exchange of data on technological accidents, emergencies and natural disasters.
June Annual General Shareholder Meeting took place.
The Government of the Sverdlovsk region signed an agreement with IDGC of Urals, ОАО on cooperation in social, economic and ecological spheres within strategic regional development.
July Chelyabenergo branch put into beta testing new telemetric equipment.
IDGC of Urals, OAO presented its long-term energy efficiency program at INNOPROM-2010.
August The Government of the Perm region approved the completion of Permenergo investment program.
September The Government of the Perm region and IDGC of Urals, OAO signed agreement of cooperation within regional strategic development.
Top management met with investors within a UBS investment conference (Moscow).
October A new mimic diagram board was launched in Chelyabenergo (Chelyabinsk).
Тop management met with investors within a VTB Capital investment conference (Moscow).
November All branches obtained 2010-2011 autumn - winter certificates.
Registrar Company Status, ZAO approved as the Company’s registrar.
December A new substation (90th anniversary of GOELRO plan) was commissioned into operation.
IDGC of Urals, OAO was awarded with Energopromexpo-2010 gold medal.
A new PS 110 kV (Granitnaya) was put into operation in Chelyabinsk.
January Chelyabenergo branch tests new incident indicators.
IDGC of Urals, ОАО began to implement automatic system of grid maintenance and repair.
February Permenergo and Perm State Technical University talked over mutual partnership within the context of the elaboration of Permenergo Innovative Development Program.
Top management met with investors within a Troika investment conference (Moscow).
March A new mimic diagram board was launched in Permenergo branch.
IDGC of Urals, ОАО successfully passed Quality Management System audit.